Visitors Spend €1,351 on Irish Stay

New figures from the Central Statistics Office show that foreign resident overnight visitors stayed on average 9.9 nights and spent on average €1,351 on their trips to Ireland in August.

Amongst the 737,600 foreign resident overnight visitors, some 35.2% were from Great Britain, 19.3% were from the US and 7.8% were from France. 6.5% of the visitors came from Germany, 5.9% came from Spain and Portugal, 5.4% from Italy and 4.5% came from the Benelux countries.

More of the visitors stayed mainly in hotels (40.3%) than in any other accommodation type, and the mean cost of their visit was €1,351. This comprised €356 on fare, €62 on prepayments, €428 on accommodation, and €505 on day-to-day expenditure.