URocked Offers Tipping Technology

As part of its expansion plans, the cashless tipping solution company Urocked is entering the Irish market to provide more innovative payment solutions. The 2022 tipping law changes mean the hospitality industry needs to adopt modern tipping technology to stay compliant.

URocked is introducing OneDevice, an innovative all-in-one payment solution with built-in tipping feature, which guarantees regulatory compliance for businesses and equitable tip sharing for employees.

“With the new tipping legislation, the demand for a legal solution is increasing rapidly. We believe our product range, and especially our pay-at-table tipping, and distribution solution will benefit operators across the sector by increasing tips, improving transparency, and reducing the burden of administration. We already see that some of our clients increase the number of tips up to three times using our pay-at-table solution,” says David Dillon, URocked founder.

OneDevice software enables seamless integration with POS systems and splits bills from tips. This lets customers pay the bill and the tip in a single transaction. Merchants receive the full bill amount, while 100% of tips get routed directly to staff through a URocked app, which provides full tip transparency and distribution.