Trigon Tackles Food Waste

Trigon Hotels has launched an initiative aimed at reducing food waste by 20% at its two properties in Cork, The Metropole Hotel and the Cork International Hotel.

Food waste is a significant contributor to climate change, and the team at Trigon Hotels want to embrace new ways of doing things so they can work towards a sustainable food system.

The hotel group has created a 2024 Food Charter which outlines 10 key commitments that will help them to achieve their goal of becoming a greener hospitality partner. Among the commitments is a reduction of food waste by 20%. They will do this by monitoring closely all waste and its source and using every element of a product where suitable. They also plan to introduce no-waste dishes by creating specific meals which do not generate organic or non-organic by-product waste.

The team is committed to supporting local suppliers and using seasonality when designing the menus. Trigon Hotels work with 25 local growers and producers and are always looking for new partners.

Trigon Hotels is also aiming to increase engagement with local charity partners such as Cope Foundation which supplies fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs from the local garden.

The team plans to eliminate single use plastic and to reduce energy consumption in the kitchen by up to 20%. The food charter states that they will reduce energy use by adhering to a strict equipment timetable and replacing defective equipment with new energy efficient equipment.