Taxi Fares Rise by 12%

Taxi fares  rose by 12% this week, but customers must be given the option of paying by card.

New measures have been introduced by the National Transport Authority, which said the rise in fares reflects the increase in operating costs faced by taxi drivers from high fuel costs.

The NTA is also set to spend up to €360,000 on a comprehensive review of the entry test to become a taxi driver, with a view to reforming how the industry operates.

The new fare structure will mean that the initial charge for a journey will rise from €3.80 to €4.20. At premium times, after 8pm at night, on Sundays, and on Bank Holidays, the initial fare will now stand at €4.80.

Fares will also increase slightly more during premium times, as a means of incentivising drivers to work peak night-time hours. For a typical 10-minute journey, it’ll add roughly €1 to €1.50 to the fare. A 20 to 25-minute journey could rise as much as €3 to €4.