Sodexo seeks start-up partners

Workplace services provider Sodexo is on the lookout for Irish start-ups and scale-ups as ‘future of work’ partners. It has teamed up with innovation specialist L Marks to launch its Accelerator innovation programme in Ireland and in the UK. Sodexo’s Accelerator innovation programme has already launched in China, Brazil, India, France and Sweden, and from January 2022, it will focus on the Ireland and UK market.

Julie Ennis, country president, Sodexo Ireland said:

“It is critical that Sodexo is agile and provides clients with forward-thinking solutions, powered by the latest technology. We have a fantastic track record of partnering with small and medium enterprises to achieve that aim.

“At Sodexo, we believe deeply in doing good business in a good way. That’s why we leverage our expertise to not only optimise the efficiency of our clients’ businesses, but to have a powerful, positive impact on the communities we serve.”

L Marks is an innovation specialist with experience of running over 70 programmes with some of the world's leading companies. It will work with Sodexo to identify four areas to focus and attract start-ups and scale-ups who provide innovative new solutions. They will then be approached and given the opportunity to pitch to work with Sodexo and help the company develop its offer to meet the future of work needs of its clients.

Through collaboration with start-ups, the programme will drive innovations in technology that improve the workplace experience, aligning with Sodexo’s vast portfolio of expertise on workspace and work-life services, Vital Spaces.

In January 2022, L Marks will kick-start its scouting campaign to identify early and growth stage companies operating in the food service and facilities management space. Once identified, L Marks will offer them a unique opportunity to take their innovative ideas to te next level through Sodexo’s Accelerator platform, where the selected start-ups and scale-ups will be given the chance to work with Sodexo’s experts over a ten-week period to fine tune their solutions in a live customer environment.