Ryan Proposes ‘Pathfinder’ Projects

Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan has brought proposals to Cabinet which seek to deliver 30 of the most transformative public transport projects by the year 2025.

One of the projects is the plan to phase out cars from Dublin's College Green, starting next year.

The 30  "pathfinder projects" in cities, towns and townlands around the country are due to be revealed early next week. They were submitted by local authorities as exemplar projects and are part of the National Sustainable Mobility policy.

The department says the pathfinder programme is a mechanism to ensure the projects will happen quickly, rather than a new funding stream. Rapid implementation is viewed as critical if the Government is to meet its target of reducing our greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by the year 2030.

Minister Ryan said he accepts the plans will be contentious but argues it is vital to achieving our Climate Action Plan goals.