Princess Book Inspires Hotel

Cork’s Imperial Hotel is drawing inspiration for their summer season from the elegance and beauty of famed past guest Princess Grace of Monaco. 

While researching Princess Grace back in 2021 as part of the 60th anniversary of her stay, the team learned that she had a passion for flowers, and in 1980 the Hollywood star published a book with Gwen Robyns titled My Book of Flowers, which detailed her favourite blooms, sense of floral aesthetics, interest in the symbolism of flowers and their different meanings, and the art of flower pressing. They have now decided to take this inspiration and roll out “My Book of Flowers” as a summer theme to create décor and experiences for guests.  

The floral theme will be brought to life through floral displays in the hotel’s lobby, which will change week to week. These displays will be created by local florist Best of Buds and will feature Princess Grace’s favourite flowers, including roses and orchids. In addition, a “My Book of Flowers” afternoon tea has been created by the pastry team. The theme has also flowed into Escape Spa where a new spa treatment package titled “The Graceful Floral Escape” has been devised.

My Book of Flowers has been added to the shelves of the Executive Lounge for guests to read, and further storytelling will be in evidence at the outdoor planted parklet outside the hotel’s main entrance on South Mall. Also, to mark the anniversary of Princess Grace's stay at the Imperial Hotel on the 24th of June 62 years ago, guests will be gifted with native wildflower “bee bombs” in their room.