PREM Honours Top Staff

PREM Group held its annual PREM Ovation Awards event in the Osprey Hotel at a lunch time gathering of nearly 100 team members. The event celebrated the many successes of the last 12 months and recognised the great contribution of teams and individuals across PREM Group businesses in Ireland. In total 36 awards were presented in eight categories.

PREM Group CEO Jim Murphy is pictured with General Manager of the Year, Michael Boyle, Osprey Hotel & Spa.

The winners are:

General Manager of the Year, PREM Group Ireland: Michael Boyle, Osprey Hotel & Spa

Hotel of the Year, PREM Group Ireland: Osprey Hotel & Spa

Leaders of the Year, Overall Winner: Catherine Lane, Hoban Hotel

Teams of the Year, Overall Winner: Aspect Hotel Park West, Food and Beverage Team

PREM Ethos Award Winners:

Central Office Support Champions:

Central Office Support Team Champions: HR Team

Special Commendations: