Pornstar Martini Is Top Cocktail

Forget a “drop of brandy” for Santa this year, and instead think about leaving the big man a Pornstar Martini, which has been confirmed as the nation’s favourite cocktail. 

Research commissioned by Musgrave MarketPlace revealed that a third of the country are fans of the passionfruit and vodka-based cocktail, and that nearly half of all respondents (49%) prefer a cocktail with vodka, suggesting that the classic spirit has made a comeback to rival the popularity of gin and whiskey in recent years.

For three-quarters of the country, a cocktail was more on the cards at Christmas than any other time of the year, with Christmas parties, nights out a plenty and a week or longer of festive fun.

For all respondents, bar menus were the biggest source of inspiration for cocktails, however 31% of both 18 - 24- and 25 - 34-year-olds also said Tik Tok or Instagram is where they spot new and trending cocktails like the St Germaine Spritz.

Musgrave MarketPlace has seen a 70% increase in St. Germaine sales in 2023, which demonstrates the fact that the lesser-known elderflower liqueur is having a moment due to its popularity on Tik Tok!

Two thirds are willing to pay more for a premium cocktail, with 57% viewing it as a treat to themselves, or 65% will do so when it’s a special occasion. Emulating the most famous Christmas miser of all, Ebenezer Scrooge, a quarter of respondents admitted they would only order a premium cocktail when someone else was paying for it.

The younger generations are also more driven by cost with more than a fifth of 18 - 24- and 25 - 34-year-olds saying price was a factor in their decision to order a cocktail. Likewise, it is this age group that would be most likely to drink a pre-made cocktail, if it was going to significantly reduce the price.

Ken Allan, Head of Beverage at Musgrave MarketPlace, said:

“We are seeing huge demand for the classic spirits that are making their way into cocktail menus across the country. Premium vodka especially is seeing a massive boost, up 122% in 2023, and tequila has outperformed itself with a 65% increase in sales.”