Plaza Aims for Gold

Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa has achieved a Gold Level Award from 50 Shades Greener's Green Business Programme. 

The Gold Level certification recognises how the town centre hotel has incorporated sustainability across its business into its HR, Purchasing and Marketing operations. It is awarded to those businesses that have taken the time to look at their suppliers and form a green purchasing policy and who have incorporated their green ethos and goals into all recruitment and induction processes.

Since 2020, The O’Donoghue Ring Collection has taken a property-by-property approach to minimise environmental impacts called "Our Green Way". As a result, the Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa has made a number of significant environmental strides since 2022, including reduced energy consumption per sleeper by 11%, reduced food waste per food cover by 61%, reduced water consumption per sleeper by 3% . The hotel also reduced its carbon emissions by 18% in comparison to 2022.

Group General Manager Brian Lawlor said:

"Our team is passionate about safeguarding the future and has worked incredibly hard to implement greener, more sustainable practices across every department in our properties. As part of the group-wide sustainability initiative "Our Green Way", we have successfully reduced our energy consumption, food waste, water use and carbon emissions and are well on the way to entirely ridding ourselves of single use plastic."