‘Pedestrians Only’ on Capel Street

Capel Street in Dublin City Centre is to be pedestrianised starting in May after Dublin City Council received an "overwhelming" response in favour of making the street traffic-free.

The proposal, which was supported by Dublin City councillors, is set to come into effect within the next three to four weeks. While the street will be traffic-free for a majority of the day, delivery vehicles will still be able to access the street between 6am and 11am on a daily basis.

There were over 1,700 submissions sent to DCC on the proposed pedestrianisation, with 91% of these supporting the proposal. 97% of the submissions from the general public (1,311) were in favour of pedestrianisation.

Measures were put in place by DCC last summer to allow for temporary pedestrianisation of both Capel Street and Parliament Street to allow outdoor dining. A three-week public consultation on the pedestrianisation followed, with 7,000 people responding to the survey sent out by DCC.

Transport Minister Eamon Ryan welcomed the decision by councillors to approve the pedestrianisation, praising the public who engaged with the public consultation process.