Night Time Economy Summit

Dublin City Council hosted the Night Time Economy Summit at the Project Arts Centre. The summit brought together key stakeholders, industry experts and representatives to discuss the significance of the night time economy in Dublin and explore its sustainable growth.

Explaining the context, Cllr Tom Brabazon, chairperson of the summit, said:

“The Night Time Economy involves numerous sectors, stakeholders and people involved in working, participating and enjoying a diverse array of activities during evening, night and early morning hours. Recognizing the economic, cultural and social value that the night-time economy brings, this summit served as a crucial platform for collaboration, innovation and envisioning a better future night time economy in our city.”

The NTE refers to economic or social activity that takes place between the hours of 6pm and 6am, covering a range of stakeholders and sectors including cultural activity, hospitality, sport, health, education, retail, festivals and entertainment. This activity is vitally important to Dublin and contributes to the city's cultural identity, economic vitality and overall community well-being.

The event provided a platform for collaborative discussions on enhancing night time activities and experiences while addressing the diverse needs and interests of residents, businesses and visitors. The summit featured insightful panel discussions led by industry thought leaders, policymakers and topic experts. Topics ranged from fostering a safe and inclusive night time environment, enhancing mobility, evolving regulations to embedding sustainability and circular economy practices throughout night time economy activities, venues, mobility and events.