Logistics company offsets carbon

Paudie Murphy, managing director, All-Star Logistics Ulc, is presented with the Flogas Carbon Offsetting Certificate of Climate Protection by Michael Murphy, area bulk sales representative, Flogas Ireland, verifying that it has compensated for 72 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions by investing via Flogas in South Pole’s climate protection project, Kariba Forest Protection in Zimbabwe.

It’s a double first for the Newcastlewest company, as the first Limerick business and the first logistics and transport provider in Ireland to sign up to Flogas Ireland’s Carbon Offsetting initiative for its commercial customers.

First established in 1996, All-Star Logistics now provides warehousing, logistics and fleet transportation solutions for national and multi-national clients.

Paudie Murphy, managing director, All-Star Logistics Ulc, said, “We are delighted to be Flogas’ first customer in Limerick and the first in our sector to sign up to this very important initiative. We are committed to reducing our carbon impact, so we are very pleased that Flogas has given us the opportunity to invest in globally certified sustainable projects that are helping to tackle climate change. “

Carbon offsetting is recognised worldwide as a way of managing carbon emissions. Flogas collaborates with South Pole, a gold standard provider of carbon offsetting projects worldwide.