Kilkenny Continues Global Kitchen

Kilkenny continues to embrace and welcome communities from around the world and celebrate its cultural diversity with a further series of Global Kitchen events, beginning with an Irish-themed Café on April 1 in Kilkenny’s Home Rule Club.

Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, in collaboration with the Home Rule Club in Kilkenny City, are back with a series of pop-up events. Martin Rafter, Kilkenny LEADER Partnership, said that “celebrating who we are through our food and traditions is an important way to gain an understanding of people from all over the world and appreciate how much we all have in common”.

The Global Kitchen celebration of international culture and cuisine has been instrumental in helping people from a variety of international communities feel welcome in Kilkenny. Pop-up Ukrainian Borscht Cafés held by newly arrived Ukrainians during last year’s Savour and Yulefest festivals in the city were so popular it has spurred this year’s extended programme of Café events.

“We have an Irish-themed café on April 1 to showcase our most traditional dishes to communities from across the globe who have made Kilkenny their new home,” Martin Rafter said.

“We are also looking forward to a Lebanese Café on April 22, a Malaysian Café on May 20, a Polish Café for the Polska Eire Festival in June, a Bangladeshi Café in August and a Café for Romanian National Day in November. Many of the Ukrainians who worked during the Borscht Cafes will support the new pop-ups. This is a great way to promote integration between various communities.

“All of these events provide a meeting place for new arrivals and longer-established members of our communities. They offer an opportunity for Irish people to meet and interact with newer arrivals. Food is an integral part of all culture and provides an ideal platform to exchange ideas and gain increased understanding of each other. Tickets are modestly priced and will be available on Eventbrite.”