Inflation Threatens Restaurant Menus

A major rise in prices could lead to racks of lamb, crab claws and fillet steaks vanishing from restaurant menus, according to Gina Murphy, owner of Hugo's restaurant in Dublin's Merrion Row.

Ms Murphy said that the last five to six weeks have seen "massive, massive price increases" across the industry. She also said that restaurants are doing everything in their power to keep prices down. However, she acknowledged that at some point the increases will have to be passed on to customers.

"We have had massive price increases from all our suppliers over the last five or six weeks," she told Newstalk Breakfast. "Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine has really impacted everything and the cost of goods has just shot up — I mean we have experienced price increases along the lines of about 30% on most of the goods we are taking in at the moment.

"A container of milk that I buy was €8.50, and it has now gone to €13.60 — this is all in the last five or six weeks. A box of unsalted butter I would buy used to be €51, we are now at €72.50. Another container of chicken pieces we use for a particular dish would have been €32, we are now at €43.20. So, these are all massive increases."