Hospitality VAT Rise ‘Certain’ Says Ryan

The hospitality VAT rate is “absolutely certain” to rise at the end of August, Green Party leader Eamon Ryan has said.

Last week Coalition leaders agreed on another extension until the end of August. Since then, Minister Ryan insisted that the measure, which will cost the taxpayer €300m, will be the sector's last reprieve.

“One thing is absolutely certain, and you can haul me back in here if on September 1 this doesn't happen - it will be raised at the end of August,” he told Newstalk Breakfast. “Haul me over the coals if that doesn't happen.”

“The main time for allocation is in the Budget, and in that period in October, we do need to know that we have the tax base to be able to provide for housing, social welfare, health and education and so on. I think those sorts of measures are needed to help us do that.”