Health Alumni Gather in Dublin

Last week 500 healthcare professionals from over 16 countries around the world returned to Ireland to meet and share ideas as part of RCSI University of Medicine and Health Sciences’ annual alumni conference.

RCSI’s Alumni Gathering took place at the university’s Dublin city campus and included former students from 2020, 2021 and 2022, making it the largest gathering of RCSI alumni in the university’s history. Fáilte Ireland estimates the event is worth €800k to the Irish economy.

The event is supported by Fáilte Ireland through its Conference Ambassador Programme which sees the National Tourism Development Authority work with individuals, academics and industry experts to bring high-level international conferences and events to Ireland.

Since 2009, Fáilte Ireland has supported over 3,000 ambassadors to bid to host their international conferences in Ireland worth in excess of €1bn. This revenue is not only a significant contributor to the Irish Business Tourism industry but has an enormous impact on the wider tourism ecosystem. 45% of the revenue generated from these international conferees goes to non-tourism suppliers such as venues, AV companies and furniture hire, while the remaining 55% goes to the wider tourism industry such as accommodation, transport and food and beverage.

Recognising the importance of industry expertise in attracting association conferences, Fáilte Ireland’s Head of Commercial Development Paul Mockler said:

“Fáilte Ireland’s Conference Ambassador Programme has been one of the key drivers of success for Ireland as a business tourism destination. Through the programme, our Business Tourism team identifies influencers across a range of disciplines and encourages them to bring an international conference to Ireland. International business conferences are not only lucrative in terms of generating significant revenue for regions across the country, they also position Ireland as a recognised centre of innovation and excellence in a range of fields. In the first half of this year, Fáilte Ireland has already secured 232 business events and conferences worth €89.6 million to the economy, which will take place between 2025 and 2027.

“As part of this work, our team was pleased to work with the RCSI team on their alumni conference, which we estimate to be worth €800k for the Irish economy. The high-profile delegates attending the conference further reinforces Ireland’s status as a powerhouse in the sector of medical sciences, and the strong connection they have maintained with RCSI and with Dublin as the city where they began their journey as healthcare professionals.”