Hastings ‘Sleep Experience’

Understanding the critical role of quality sleep in promoting well-being, Hastings Hotels has partnered with three Irish brands to curate an exceptional sleep experience.

The “Perfect Night's Sleep Package” includes an array of elements aimed at providing comfort and rejuvenation and is available for suite guests at its five-star properties in Belfast - the Culloden Estate and Spa and Grand Central.

Guests will sleep under 100% cotton Irish bed linen provided by Vision Linens. Made with a luxurious 300-thread count, the bed linen ensures a lavish touch of comfort and elegance.

Guests will also enjoy a handcrafted 100% natural wool pillow from Galway company Woolow, which has been handcrafted from locally-sourced wool. Galway has been the home of creator Michael Burke’s family for more than 200 years, and he came up with the idea after he received a wool pillow from his father as a child.

Hastings Hotels has also collaborated with I AM SELF-CARE, an Irish well-being brand that specialises in handcrafted aromatherapy products. Its exclusive pillow spray for each of the hotels is infused with 100% pure essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang, rosewood and vetiver. 

“We believe that a truly exceptional stay goes beyond luxurious accommodation. A restful night's sleep is paramount to our guests' well-being and overall experience,” said Matt McRoberts, Head of Marketing, Hastings Hotels.