‘Green Award’ for Harvey’s Point

Harvey's Point hotel in Donegal has received the Gold Award from Fifty Shades Greener’s ‘Green Business Programme’. The award marks a significant milestone for the property and reinforces its commitment to sustainability. Harvey’s Point environmental journey so far has included:

Other achievements include:

Through Harvey’s Points' top 13 food suppliers, 23% of food is locally sourced, 7% is regionally sourced and 69% is nationally sourced. All suppliers have been reviewed and provided their Sustainability Policies. Unnecessary plastic packaging across Food & Beverage Outlets has been eliminated. Plastic bottled water in bedrooms has been replaced with sustainable Tetra Pak water and the cleaning products are all sourced from green providers. Four EV charging points have been installed with a plan to increase this in the future. A staff wellness garden has been developed, producing herbs and vegetables for the kitchens and team. A wellbeing committee promotes healthy lifestyles and wellbeing. Initiatives include the Wellbeing Support Programme which helps the team through life’s physical, mental, financial, and personal challenges. To support the local community, The Green Team do “The Big Spring Clean” around the local area. Training and development are at the core of the hotel’s ethos, including upskilling and environmental training for their team with Fifty Shades Greener and Business Environmental Sustainability for Businesses.

Harvey’s Point continues to work on internal award schemes to promote sustainable practices. Klaudia Zon the hotel's Green Team Manager has gained a certificate in environmental sustainability management in hospitality. This is the first qualification of its kind to be regulated as an official qualification on the Ofqual framework of education.