Forest Hotel at Mount Congreve

New guest accommodations are set to open at Mount Congreve Gardens in Waterford in late spring 2024.

The estate’s main gate lodge, Damson, was renovated and opened to visitors early 2023, and Condé Nast Traveller has described it as a "fairytale gate lodge". The estate team now plan to add five forest eco-cabins and renovate two lodges and two apartments on-site.

The remaining lodges Rowan, Oak and Acorn will receive the same special conservation and restoration treatment as the main gate lodge. They offer adult-only accommodation, while three of the new forest cabins will offer family-friendly stays. 

The five new Scandi-style forest eco-cabins are designed to blend into their natural forest surroundings while the interiors feature a smart use of space.

Inside the East and West Wings of Mount Congreve House, some of the former apartments are also undergoing restoration and will soon be ready to welcome guests.

All of the visitor accommodation sits inside the 70 acres of gardens at Mount Congreve.