Fania Leads ‘Healthy Work’ Webinar

Fania Stoney, CEO and a co-founder of Healthy Place to Work Ireland, will lead a webinar presented by the Irish Hospitality Institute on Tuesday 1st February at 10.30am. Registration is at:

The theme of the webinar is ‘Building a Healthy Work Culture: Understanding What Is Impacting Your Wellbeing at Work’. Healthy Place to Work Ireland partners with organisations to help them build their health and wellbeing strategies, develop their Employee Value Propositions (EVPs) and Employer Brands, allow them to make data-driven decisions and certify those who excel in this space.

Fania was instrumental in taking the Healthy Place to Work model and methodology and placing it in an organisational setting. She has enabled organisations to achieve and sustain the status of a Healthy Place to Work and has also worked alongside organisations to successfully activate this achievement both internally amongst employees and externally in the talent market.