Ely Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Ely Wine Bar in Dublin is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a programme of events beginning on Thursday April 11th with a food and wine tasting. The 'Beyond the Bottle' Organic Cava & More tasting will feature renowned Mireia Pujol-Busquets GuillĂ©n of Alta Alella Winery in Barcelona.

Mireia embodies a lineage steeped in winemaking tradition, growing up amidst the enticing allure of bottles in her family's wine shop. From assisting her father during harvests at the age of 13 in Alella, near Barcelona, to pursuing a degree in biology while volunteering for the United Nations in Thailand and focusing on environmental and agricultural issues, her journey led her back to her roots in the family vineyard.

Passionate about storytelling through wine, Mireia is on a mission to challenge misconceptions surrounding Spanish Cava, advocating for authenticity and innovation. With an unwavering commitment to the land and its ecosystems, she sees winemaking as more than just a craft but a cultural legacy, preserving history and enriching society. With her unwavering dedication and infectious enthusiasm, she continues to shape the future of Spanish wine, one bottle at a time.

Guests at the €45 per person event will be treated to a selection of Alta Alella's organic Cavas, Pet-Nats and wines alongside small-plates from chef Luca, as Mireia guides the experience and makes her way through the room answering questions and offering insights. Tickets available here from Ely.