Ely Celebrates 25 Years

ELY Wine Bar celebrated 25 years in the centre of Georgian Dublin with a reception and wine tasting.

Pictured are Ngozi Elobuike of Hi Spirits and TUD beverage lecturer Judith Boyle.

The event was called "Beyond the Bottle" and featured Mireia Pujol-Busquets Guillén from Alta Alella Winery who introduced a selection of wines from Alta Alella, including their renowned Cavas and Pet-Nats, complemented by small plates by ELY’s Head Chef, Luca Rocco. 

ELY’s new Summer Wine Series promises special guests like Marco Ricasoli of Rocca di Montegrossi from Chianti and an array of themed events from May to August, including "Rosé All Day", "Outstanding Whites" and "Volcanic Vineyards". 

Founded by Erik and Michelle Robson, ELY Wine Bar remains committed to ensuring that the wine list continues to evolve. Erik says:

"The future  is challenging, and in truth, it's always been challenging but also rewarding. Hospitality is about bringing a team together to create a space and offering that the customer enjoys and appreciates. It's a people thing, a quality thing, a fun thing, and a serious thing. It's about repeat business, new customers, new ideas, and staying constant while staying ahead."