‘Dublin Winter Lights’ Dazzle

“Dublin City Council Dublin Winter Lights” have now been officially switched on!

For the month of December, locations all over the city centre have been transformed with colourful projections and lighting displays, including for the first time, Bank of Ireland College Green and the Central Plaza. 

Simon Clarke from Dublin City Council’s Events section says:

“To reduce our carbon footprint, no generators will be used on the streets of Dublin to power projectors. Instead, mains power will be used, and using the latest laser and LED technology, our projections will have low power requirements. All the projections and installations in Merrion Square Park will be powered using hydrotreated vegetable oil and localised battery storage which will charge during off-peak hours.

“The power used to light the GPO is comparable to that used in six kettles, a domestic iron uses the same power as we’re using on the Central Plaza projections, the power used to light the Bank of Ireland projections is the equivalent use of two domestic ovens, while the statues will be illuminated using the same amount of power as a vacuum cleaner.”