Dublin Dining Costs Soar

A new survey which looked at the cost of eating out across Europe reveals that going out for a meal in Dublin is more expensive than in London, Rome and Paris. It was estimated a three-course meal for two in the Irish capital costs €80, or €20 more than it would cost to eat in a Parisian restaurant.

The survey, by casino promoter Bonusetu, looked at average mid-market restaurants and relies on online cost-of-living aggregators for its figures.

London is only slightly cheaper for eating out, with a three course meal costing €78.05, while the bill will come to €70 in Rome. Luxembourg ranks alongside Dublin at €80, but in Copenhagen a three course meal will cost €107.32, which is more than Monaco on €100.

Restaurants Association of Ireland Chief Executive Adrian Cummins told The Irish Times that massive increases in costs for businesses were to blame for the costs.

“The cost of business has increased,” he told the paper. “I don’t really need to go through them all: energy costs, rent, rates have all gone up.”