Deal to Deliver Drivers

Vromo and YouWrk  have formed a partnership to alleviate home-delivery driver shortages across Ireland and the UK.

Recognizing the pressing need for skilled drivers and efficient delivery solutions, Vromo, a specialist in delivery management technology for restaurants, and YouWrk, a leading name in recruitment and staffing solutions, are combining to enable restaurants across Ireland and the UK to gain access to a pool of competent and dedicated delivery drivers, while harnessing the power of Vromo's advanced delivery management features to streamline their operations.

YouWrk will identify onboard proficient drivers, aligning them with businesses' specific requirements, ensuring a smooth and efficient recruitment process. With Vromo's delivery management solution, restaurants can achieve reductions in delivery times by up to 20%, boost order fulfilment rates, and attain full visibility into the delivery process.

Says Vromo Ireland CEO Brian Hickey (pictured): “Restaurants will have the agility to expand their internal delivery fleets and third-party partner fleets as demand fluctuates, providing a solution to address seasonal and market-driven fluctuations.”