Connected, Footloose Romantics

Met any "connected families”, “footloose socialisers” “indulgent romantics” recently?

Can't say that I have- but Failte Ireland seems to come across them every day- so much so that they are specifically targeting these amorphous groups in a major marketing campaign.

According to the marketing boffins in Amiens Street, "Connected Families" put their heart into finding out everything a destination has to offer and like to have a carefully planned itinerary before they leave home. Their aim is to create shared memories with all of their family. That presumably is after they have returned home from Naas because they forgot to put out the cat and after they have threatened the kids with smashing their PLS if they don't stop fighting in the back of the car .

Footloose socialisers  like getting away with their friends on short breaks as much as they can. They are value-conscious, independent travellers, who attend cultural and sporting events or engage in pursuits such as hillwalking during their short breaks. My guess is that they are also a group that likes to get  pissed and get laid.

Indulgent romantics – consider the hotel to the most important factor in their choice of destination. They prioritise finding the perfect, romantic hub for their couples getaway, somewhere they can soak up luxury, reward themselves and be well looked after – and tell everyone on TripAdvisor about it if they’re not.

That bit I can believe.




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