French are 'Most Rude'


For once we can be happy that Ireland does not feature in a tourism poll. A survey conducted by an international travel search site reveals the French have taken the title as the 'rudest nation in the world'. Taking 19% of the vote, the French have been known by many of their European neighbors for their abrupt and curt nature, especially when dealing with foreign tourists, which has often been taken as rudeness by visitors.

However, surprisingly China was ranked fifth in the poll, deemed ruder than Americans.  Brits were voted third rudest nation, taking 10% of the vote. The accolade comes just months after Brits voted themselves the world's worst tourists.

At the other end of the scale, Brazilians, those from the Caribbean islands and Filipinos were voted least rude.


World's Rudest Nationalities:


1. French 19.2%


2. Russian 16.6%


3. British 10.4%


4. German 9.9%


5. Chinese 4.3%


6. American 3.3%


7. Spanish 3.1%


8. Italian 2.3%


9. Polish 2.2%


10. Turkish 2.1%










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