Cork Hoteliers Visit Chicago

The Irish Hotels Federation participated in a trade and tourism delegation to Chicago led by the Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr Frank O’Flynn, to mark 25 years of the Cork County Cook County Sistership agreement and highlight the opportunities around the Working Holiday Authorisation Programme.

In 2023, Cork County Council announced a sponsorship programme in association with the IHF, supporting hospitality students from the US to avail of a 12-month Working Holiday Authorisation and participate in practical training across a number of Cork hotels. The programme saw Cork County Council and the IHF sponsor the travel costs of the students, with the IHF providing accommodation and further training to the participating students.

Cork County Council’s delegation met with Consul General Kevin Byrne and with President Toni Preckwinkle, Cook County Board of Commissioners, to discuss the Programme and in particular to hear from Eduardo Solano, the programme’s first participant who has just completed his work placement with Cork’s Vienna Woods Hotel. A further 10 students have expressed their interest in the programme and plan on participating shortly.

President of the Irish Hotels Federation and owner of Cork’s Vienna Woods Hotel Michael Magner added: 

"This is a fantastic programme and a great example of international collaboration promoting career opportunities within our sector. It is an exciting time for anyone interested in pursuing a career in tourism and hospitality with so many options open to everyone."