Copia Green Is Top ‘Free From’

Copia Green Café, Limerick, of the Master Chefs brand won  the "Best Free From" award at the 2022 National Restaurant Association of Ireland Awards.

Pat O Sullivan, CEO of Master Chefs, accepted the award. 
Copia Green, born with a commitment to nourish with every plate, inspires customers with the quality and taste of each dish on its menu. 

The Restaurant Association's "Best Free From" award recognises food outlets which are honest and committed to creating true Free From menus which go beyond the traditional list of allergens. 

“Copia Green, as a Master Chefs brand, has always been purposeful in this regard,” says Pat O Sullivan, CEO and Founder of Master Chefs, an Irish independently-owned, large scale catering and events company.

“We bring more to the table from our carefully selected suppliers and ingredients which are at minimum 75% organic. We’re focused on plant-based seasonality, quality local suppliers, and we keenly cater for organic carnivores, vegans and everyone in between,” says Pat O Sullivan.

He went on to say: “At Master Chefs and Copia Green, we’re confident in making the point that in our unique and innovative cooking style and menu creation at our purpose-built Artisan Food Factory Kitchen, we do not use refined or hydrogenated oils, refined sugars, bleached flour, additives or preservatives and don’t cook with butter, which delivers honest, wholesome food to our Limerick and Munster clients."