Consumers Want ‘Green’ Business

More than nine in ten (95%) people living in Ireland want to see more done by businesses to protect the environment, with the onus first and foremost on companies improving their packaging recyclability.
According to the new research from not-for-profit, Every Can Counts, 91% of Irish respondents said that companies should only use packaging that is infinitely recyclable, with even more (94%) believing that firms should be held responsible for the packaging they select.
Comparatively, 7 in 10 (70%) Irish adults believe consumers should be held responsible for the packaging they buy, proving that it is businesses that are being held accountable for making a change. 
However, Irish people are committed to supporting the initiatives available to them to protect the environment, with 79% prioritising reducing waste and 70% encouraging individuals to recycle more.

When it comes to recycling at home, two-thirds (67%) of Irish people surveyed admitted to always recycling their drink cans - although that means a third (33%) still aren’t in the habit of doing so.
Recycling rates also drop dramatically when out of the home, with only 40% of Irish adults placing their drink cans in recycling bins when at work, and 29% when out and about. Perhaps improved recycling infrastructure could go some way in resolving the problem, with 69% saying they would like more recycling bins in public areas and 61% favouring implementing deposit return schemes.

Every Can Counts commissioned the research to coincide with its International Recycling Tour which will take place in 17 countries to mark World Environment Day, aiming to raise awareness of drink can recycling and encourage people to keep public outdoor spaces clean.