Coffee Brand Supports Restoration

Green Ocean Coffee, a new speciality coffee range from Dublin-based company Watermark Coffee, was launched to coincide with a partnership agreement with Clew Bay Oyster Co-op.

Expertly roasted in Ireland, Green Ocean Coffee is made from 100% speciality grade arabica beans sourced directly from farmers in Brazil, Kenya and Honduras. Available in fully recyclable packaging, the three coffee blends are named “Inishgowla”, “Dorinish” and “Inisheeny” after islands in Clew Bay.

Recognising the importance of the ocean in tackling and reversing the effects of climate change and improving coastal biodiversity, Watermark Coffee’s partnership with Clew Bay Oyster Co-op aims to restore up to 180 hectares of seabed in Clew Bay, Co. Mayo from sales of Green Ocean Coffee.

For every 1kg bag of Green Ocean Coffee sold, one square metre of the oyster and seagrass bed will be restored, helping to lock away oceanic and atmospheric carbon at a rate up to 35 times faster than the tropical rainforest.

David Lawlor, Managing Director of Watermark Coffee, explains the motivation behind this novel project:

“At Watermark Coffee, we are committed to producing exceptional coffee whilst running our business in a way that minimises our environmental impact. As a sailor and diver myself, I have witnessed significant change to the ocean habitat, and I have a deep appreciation of the vital role the ocean plays in stablising our global climate. As a company, we want to play our part, and give our customers the opportunity, to protect the biodiversity of our ocean in the long term. Green Ocean Coffee is about providing the conduit that links drinking amazing coffee with authentic climate action right here in Ireland.”

As an island nation, the role the ocean and in particular, oysters and seagrass, play in protecting our marine environment cannot be underestimated as Alex Blackwell, Fisheries Biologist and Manager of Clew Bay Oyster Co-op, explains:

“Balance is key to a healthy ocean. Oyster and seagrass beds are a pivotal component in sequestering atmospheric carbon dioxide as well as providing coastal protection and creating sustainable employment. Oysters are nature’s most efficient filtration system, filtering up to 190 litres of seawater a day. They keep algae blooms at bay and encourage the growth of seagrass - one of the planet’s most overlooked sequestering plants. It’s a dream come true to have Green Ocean Coffee on board so we can continue to do this important restorative work.” 

Watermark Coffee provide on site barista training, tastings, coffee machines and servicing. Details on the range and how you can contact the team can be found on