Chanel Bags and Dentures Left in Taxis

FREENOW, the multi-mobility app, has revealed the most common and unusual items accidentally left behind in taxis in 2023. From mobile phones to a Taylor Swift poster and an electric guitar, over 6,000 items were left behind in FREENOW taxis throughout 2023.

Ireland takes the top spot among its European counterparts for the highest number of items forgotten in taxis last year, accounting for 24% of all lost property reports. The UK follows closely with 18%, followed by Poland (17%), Germany (16%), and Spain (9%), rounding up the top five most “forgetful nations”.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, mobile phones top the list of commonly forgotten items, with over 2,000 left in taxis this year. Bags and wallets were also frequently left behind, with 1,309 instances, followed by keys (455) and airpods/headphones (360).

Some of the more unusual items discovered in the back seats of taxis include a tent, a ukulele, a duvet, firewood and even dentures. Luxury items like Christian Louboutin heels, a Chanel bag, Gucci loafers and Prada sunglasses were also among the forgotten belongings, despite their high price tags.

Dublin residents hold the record for the highest number of lost property reports in Ireland, making up 70% of all lost property reports on FREENOW this year. Cork residents follow with 8% of all reports, followed by Galwegians at 5%. On the flip side, Limerick, Navan and Kerry reported the fewest lost items, earning them the title of the “least forgetful” counties in Ireland.

The data also reveals that FREENOW passengers in Ireland reported the most lost items on Saturdays (24%) and Sundays (18%), indicating that many of these items may have been forgotten after a night out. Interestingly, December 2022 saw the highest number of lost property requests over the 12 month period, suggesting that people tend to be more forgetful during silly season.