Barberstown Marks Heritage Day

Barberstown Castle Hotel welcomed businesses from all over Ireland to mark World Heritage Day. The day celebrated Irish heritage and culture and how it sets Irish businesses apart competitively.

During her welcome speech in the historic 13th-century castle, the CEO of Barberstown Castle Hotel, Amanda Torrens, noted how Irish roots can help shape the future. 

"We gather to recognise the historical pillars upon which successful Irish enterprises are built. Heritage and culture are not static concepts confined to the pages of Irish history books; they are living, breathing forces that shape our identities, values and aspirations. They imbue our organisations with a sense of purpose, grounding us in our roots while propelling us forward with a vision for the future.

"At Barberstown Castle, we recognise that our heritage is not just a part of who we are; it is our competitive advantage in a crowded marketplace. Our commitment to preserving and honouring the heritage of our landscape has not only earned us the loyalty of our customers but has also fostered a sense of pride and belonging among our employees."