Accommodation Lags in Recovery League

The IT sector is driving a surge in Irish services output, which is now more than 20pc ahead of pre-pandemic levels.

Accommodation, food, transport and storage services, however, are still down on where they were before Covid hit in March 2020.

Central Statics Office (CSO) figures show the value of services in June was 22.7pc up on February 2020, the month before pandemic restrictions were introduced. The volume of services in June was up 21.4pc on the same month.

But accommodation and food (-4.8pc in value terms, -11.6pc in volume) and transportation and storage services (-2.2pc in value, -11.1pc in volume) are still down on February 2020 levels.

"Other" services - which include real estate, gambling, sports and recreation, goods repair and  personal services - were down 11.9pc in volume terms on pre-pandemic levels, while administrative and support services were down 10.8pc.

The value of services output grew 2pc in June, compared to May, and was 21.5pc ahead year on year. The volume of services output increased 1.5pc on May and was 17.3pc higher than in June 2021.

The annual upturn, in value terms, was driven by a massive surge in accommodation and food (+95.2pc), transportation and storage (+48.9pc), "other" services (+32.2pc) and administrative and support services (+21.9pc).