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Rory's Virtual Irish Food Fest
Covid creates Vera Foods
Optimizing Covers in Phase Three
IFSA/Chef Network Operating Guidelines

Catering worker wins harassment case

A catering chain has been ordered to pay out €3,500 to a former female employee after a manager circulated two images to staff, including one of himself wearing only his boxer shorts.

At the Workplace Relations Commission , Adjudication Officer, Michael McEntee found that the 19-year-old catering worker was sexually harassed concerning her boss circulating the two images.
 According to Mr McEntee, the facts alleged that on December 7, 2019, the catering worker’s boss posted on a web group chat a picture of himself wearing only his boxer shorts.
 The catering worker alleged that her then boss made suggestive sexual comments regarding the boxer shorts.
 Two days later on December 9, the catering worker alleged that her boss also posted to the group chat an image of male genitalia on a flat white coffee cup top.
 She stated that she found both images "quite disgusting and most upsetting".
 At hearing, the images of the two group web texts were shown to Mr McEntee.
The worker reported the incidents to her employer six weeks later last January and she stated that a female Area Manager suggested she move to a different branch of the chain.
 The catering worker interpreted this as a further discrimination as she was being asked to move rather than the alleged perpetrator.
 She stated that she found the stress of the entire situation too much and took sick leave on stress grounds on January 22, and resigned from the company on February 4.
 In response to the complaint, the employer stated that it initiated an immediate investigation when informed and after an investigation, the manager was demoted from his manager role and reassigned at a lower rank to another branch of the chain.
 The catering chain told the hearing that the behaviour complained of was completely unprofessional of a manager but was done in the context of webchat group involving males and females, was never repeated and was not the subject of any other complaints from other, potentially impacted, staff members.
 In his findings, Mr McEntee stated that while the employer had been admirable in the post incident actions they had erred in the preventative stage.
 Mr McEntee commented that the harassment took place and post incident actions, while admirable, are it could be said “bolting the door after the horse has left”.
 Making the €3,500 award for sexual harassment against the employer, Mr McEntee stated that being a large employer of staff of mixed genders and nationalities an oversight in providing training and awareness in this area was a management weakness.
Mr Grogan confirmed yesterday that the quantum of the award is being appealed to the Labour Court.
He said: “We do not believe the level of compensation awarded compensates our client for the sexual harassment she endured.” 
Mr Grogan said the images at the centre of the case were “reprehensible and a very serious breach of her rights but equally, such low awards in no way, in our opinion, can be seen as a deterrent for the employer to take the steps necessary to ensure no further repeat will occur”.



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